We live on a wonderful planet that has air and water, plants and animals big and microscopic. Mother Earth, or Gaia, has been worshipped for millennia in many forms with different names. The fertility goddess, she represents life giving birth, growing crops, and the bounty of nature. Gaia supports life with a thin layer of soil and atmosphere between solid rock and outer space. Gaia breathes in and out each day and season in various ways. Plants and animals both breathe what the other exhales. Life is connected by our…

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The Sun

The Sun has been honored or worshiped on the Solstice since Stonehenge, up to today.  Ancient mythical stories tried to explain our Sun’s creation.  Scientists calculate that the Sun is at least four billion years old, while the Universe is over thirteen billion years old.  We don’t know what created the Big Bang, but that energy is still with us in the trillions of stars in 100 billion galaxies, and also in the cosmic background energy that has been detected on Earth. Most of us feel that we are more…

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Inside Ourselves

When we talk about the inside of ourselves, what is it that we mean? Are we talking about our bones, our tissue, our blood, our organs, and our systems? Well, those of us bound by the purely physical may only view our insides that way. But for me, I am fascinated with so much more. Yes, because I am a personal trainer, the physical parts listed above fascinate me, but I am more fascinated with the parts within us that cannot be seen and may never be understood. The parts…

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New Paradigm Living

We are living in unprecedented times. Self-isolation has forced us to slow down from our normal lifestyle of traveling faster than the speed of light, overcommitting on our time management and living in a consumer driven world. Instead, we have been offered a “do over” or a “reboot” to reflect on how we truly want to live our lives, perhaps in a more mindful and conscious manner. We know all action has consequences and the consequences of our actions to date are calling our humanity to a paradigm shift. A…

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Is There a Gift for Humanity in the Corona Virus?

As I write these words, I soothe myself with Windham Hill music flowing through my headset.  The music takes me back to a time period when I was 37 years old, living in suburbia USA in my insulated bubble of a life raising my “Brady Bunch” combined family with my husband. I recall feeling so blessed and aligned within my own little world and then suddenly, in one day, I collapsed onto the floor and spent the next three months in my bed. My husband, not knowing how to cope,…

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Albert Einstein’s famous equation that energy equals mass times the speed of light squared explains everything from stars to subatomic particles.  A century ago no one knew about String Theory, that everything is made of vibrating strings of energy. Everything is energy, thus Everything is mc2.  On the spiritual level, E could also represent the Creator of Everything. Mass for us is the number of activists that it will take to create a sustainable civilization. The speed of light is the fastest possible, from photons hitting our eyes, to the Internet. Yet the equation…

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