Is There a Gift for Humanity in the Corona Virus?

Is There a Gift for Humanity in the Corona Virus?

As I write these words, I soothe myself with Windham Hill music flowing through my headset.  The music takes me back to a time period when I was 37 years old, living in suburbia USA in my insulated bubble of a life raising my “Brady Bunch” combined family with my husband. I recall feeling so blessed and aligned within my own little world and then suddenly, in one day, I collapsed onto the floor and spent the next three months in my bed. My husband, not knowing how to cope, ran to the arms of another woman as I watched my happy little family disintegrate.  We sold our family home after some time and the boys went to live with their father and my two girls moved to a new home in a new town with me. As we moved through the stages of separation, I continued on purely for the sake of my two young daughters. During the day, I would work and the girls would attend their respective schools.  Most afternoons we would regroup in our little vintage house in Sebastopol and soothe ourselves with card games and Windham Hill music. 

Fast-forward to now and I am 70 years old, mentally stronger and wiser, having experienced even greater losses in my life, inter-twined with bittersweet triumphs, joys, adventures, and great love.  Only I am my own company now, sitting in meditative self-isolation. Hearing the same Windham Hill music I listened to years ago, I am reminded of my original loss of family so long ago as I sit along with others on stand-by, reading the daily reports of those who have been touched in so many ways by this unprecedented global pandemic.

I wonder how those who survive this time and future generations will learn from the casualties and triumphs of the current events of our time.  In the first few weeks of the pandemic, I fluctuated on an emotional rollercoaster between grateful, fearful, hopeful, dread-filled and then grateful again.  I send blessings to anyone and everyone who enters my energy field on social media, in person, in the streets, over the air waves, on Zoom, on the phone and this seems like such a small contribution. 

Whatever your belief, if it is real to you, I honor you.  There are conspiracy theorists who believe we are being overtaken by the government and corporations.  There are born again Christians who are seeing aberrations in the sky, representing the second coming of Christ.  There are health evangelizers sharing educational videos and recommendations for boosting the immune system. There are politicians compensating the people with stipends to resurrect the economy.  There are Jehovah’s Witnesses who foretell the current events are fulfillment of bible prophecy. There are light workers speaking of a “paradigm shift” from the traditional patriarchal society into a more equal and balanced energy of combined feminine and masculine nature.  

What if what we are manifesting is a new culture on the micro as well as the macro level?  What if, regardless of what we believe, the universe is benevolent, perfectly designed and self-correcting?  What if we are being molded individually and collectively into “unchartered territory” toward a higher purpose?   Dr. Joe Dispenza, an advocate of the latest findings from neuroscience and quantum physics, says we are all part of the quantum field and one person’s actions can influence another person’s actions.  He says all we have to do is set our intention on the present moment and we can create and manifest whatever our pure intention is. The key to this is stating your intention in the “present” moment and not in the past and then the experience we wish to have is already out there just waiting to find us! 

On April 4th, a calling went out over social media for light workers around the globe to join hearts and souls together in the same moment to raise the vibrational frequency on Mother Earth and beyond.  At the same time, the intention was set to acknowledge the Corona Virus for waking us up! Those leading the meditation collectively set the intention for human suffering to ease and for world peace to manifest.  How refreshing to see light workers around the globe stepping into their leadership roles with pure intention to unify humanity through meditation. What if this is the solution? What if all that is required for what we long for is accomplished through everyone simply meditating on love, peace and harmony?  What if Dr. Joe Dispenza’s scientific approach is the answer – harness our thoughts and intentions in present time and we can manifest a whole new and pure creation of our choosing?

We know we are social beings by nature.  We know the scientific value of human touch.  We know self-isolation is contrary to human nature.  In the present time, we are being told we have a societal obligation to protect ourselves and each other through social distancing.  We are being told this saves lives and while this is proving to be true, is this the only single act we can perform to express our self-love and our love for humanity?   

What if we examine the “shadow side” or the gift of the Corona Virus?  What if we slow down and reconnect with our inner-self through our own unique breath?  Might we rediscover who we really are? Might we manifest a new reality with our intention?   Mother Nature shows us signs of restoration and renewal every day as we isolate inside our homes, no longer able to interfere with her natural rhythm.  We see visible proof – skies are clearing in Los Angeles, the ozone layer is smaller than ever, dolphins are returning to the canals in Venice, coyotes are sleeping in the streets in San Francisco, and turtles are able to migrate and give birth to their babies without human interruption.  Let us show our true colors as we learn from the benevolence of our vast universe that only wants our highest good to be all that we can be in our own unique true divine nature.  

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