Nature follows a blueprint. We know if we receive a cut on our hand, with time, the cut will scab over and grow new skin. Our bodies are so magnificently designed; they have the ability to heal themselves, if given the proper energetic environment and nutrients. Our human lives have this same innate ability. However minute or monumental our life catastrophes, they are actually opportunities disguised as trials and tribulations with the end result transitioning us into personal growth and transformation, provided we are willing. We each possess a skill…

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The Nature of Consciousness

To speak the truth about the nature of consciousness, we would really have to remain silent, for it is the highest teaching. Consciousness as defined by Rupert Spira, a British potter and teacher of the Advaita Vedanta direct path method, as “that in which all experience appears, in which all experience is known, and out of which all experience is made. All experience is mind, thinking, imagining, sensing, perceiving, and the mind’s knowledge of whatever it knows or perceives is only ever as good as its knowledge itself. The highest…

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New Paradigm Living

We are living in unprecedented times. Self-isolation has forced us to slow down from our normal lifestyle of traveling faster than the speed of light, overcommitting on our time management and living in a consumer driven world. Instead, we have been offered a “do over” or a “reboot” to reflect on how we truly want to live our lives, perhaps in a more mindful and conscious manner. We know all action has consequences and the consequences of our actions to date are calling our humanity to a paradigm shift. A…

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Is There a Gift for Humanity in the Corona Virus?

As I write these words, I soothe myself with Windham Hill music flowing through my headset.  The music takes me back to a time period when I was 37 years old, living in suburbia USA in my insulated bubble of a life raising my “Brady Bunch” combined family with my husband. I recall feeling so blessed and aligned within my own little world and then suddenly, in one day, I collapsed onto the floor and spent the next three months in my bed. My husband, not knowing how to cope,…

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Divine Feminine Attributes

Today, there is a resurgence of interest in the Divine Feminine. What is Divine Feminine and why is it important for us to identify with this energy? Further, what about the Divine Feminine counterpart – Divine Masculine and how will it shift our consciousness to balance and align and integrate these two aspects from our soul, hear, mind and body? The Divine Feminine is most commonly defined as: 1. a spiritual, psychological, and archetypal ideal of feminine energy. The manifestation of the purest form of feminine expression. 2. universal and…

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