Health & Wellness

Physical, mental, and emotionally wellbeing are all intrinsically linked. The importance of tending to your physical health is now greater than ever. Below are some resources to help you support and nurture yourself.


Racial inequality remains well entrenched within American healthcare, including the natural wellness field. A long history of exclusion, deception, and neglect has engendered a deep distrust of medicine in many oppressed communities, leaving them without trustworthy resources for addressing physical and emotional trauma. We believe inclusive and accessible natural medicine is an essential human right, and that we must change the face of holistic health leadership to make it possible—starting with uplifting healers from Black and other disenfranchised communities.

At unsettling times like the coronavirus outbreak, it might feel like things are very much out of your control. Most routines have been thrown into disarray and the future, as far as the experts tell us, is far from certain.

But there are still lots of things you can do — aside from social distancing and washing your hands with soap — to protect your health and wellbeing.