About Advocacy

Our Mission is to heal ourselves so that we can heal our communities.  
Our communities are crying out for healing, whether family, society or planetary.  The pandemic is showing us the need for universal health care.  The Black Lives Matter movement is showing us that we should finally heal the systemic racism in our nation since its founding.  The Climate Crisis is showing us that we must heal our civilization’s dependence on fossil fuels because we are driving towards the cliff of mass extinction.  
We are inspired by people of all ages, races and incomes standing up for essential workers, for minorities rights, and for our children’s survival.  We are also inspired by Martin Luther King and Gandhi for leading non-violent movements that changed the world for the better. 
Moving forward into a sustainable future will take progressives using our voices effectively to advocate for the issues that we care about.  To change the old paradigm quickly into a new one won’t be easy.  Advocacy is necessary for our health and safety, and for everyone’s grandchildren.  


Justice for Migrant Women and other farmworker-serving organizations are raising immediate funds to help keep farmworker families safe from COVID-19 as they work to feed us.

A great option for organic produce/grocery delivery so that you don’t have to put yourself at risk by going to the grocery store!


An educational video on how to properly sanitize food when it is brought into your home. Created by Dr. Jeffrey VanWingen.



Some cities are trying out car-free streets so people can get outside safely. Update: Seattle announced that it’s extending its Stay Healthy Streets program permanently. You can read more about the city’s plan here: https://www.seattletimes.com/seattle-…