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To provide comfort and relief to our readers, the YES! Editorial team is sharing some of the playlists that have been getting us through these challenging, weird times. 

We hope you enjoy—and maybe even dance like everybody’s watching!

“Beautiful loves, I feel guided in this moment to share with you this transmission of Divine peace. Now, more then ever, is the time to connect to harmony, balance, and serenity. I invite you to close your eyes and receive the sacred sound of peace.

Forever in love


From the Sage Goddess

A drum journey meditation to bring you peace during these stressful times. Play it to clear yourself, ground yourself and your energy, so you feel more aligned and balanced.


Life in the times of Coronavirus means a halt on travel. However, the following museums are offering an exciting insight into some of their exhibits, at no cost.

Take your pick and enjoy this virtual journey through art and time.