The coronavirus is affecting global communities in unprecedented ways, so we have decided to refocus our website on healing from this emergency.
This site will showcase information, resources and inspiration that will provide shelter in the storm so that we can heal and transform ourselves. Only then can we heal and transform our societies and ecosystems.  Together we must quickly create a sustainable civilization worldwide.


Since the outbreak of the recent pandemic virus, I have been perfecting and improvising this face mask pattern to include all the features that needed to fight against the spread of the disease. 

A great option for organic produce/grocery delivery so that you don’t have to put yourself at risk by going to the grocery store!


An educational video on how to properly sanitize food when it is brought into your home. Created by Dr. Jeffrey VanWingen.


See your favorite luminaries in action with live audiences recorded at the Conscious Life Expo 2020, only on Gaia. These sessions, lectures, and interactive workshops celebrate the conscious co-creation of a new world. Explore new paradigms of science, spirituality, longevity, community, relationship, health, and well-being. This three-day gathering of the tribes allows us to focus and direct our creative intentions together.

Launching in divine timing on Tuesday, June 2, 2020, this chapter of Angel Academy will be a truly sacred offering to merge your personal self with your higher self to provide you with the connection, consciousness, and clarity you deserve and desire. In a time when our world needs lightworkers more than ever, this series will help you rise above the vibration of adversity, teaching you practical ways to reclaim and embody your authentic power without taking on the emotional density of those around you.

Tue. Jun 2, 2020 at 4:00pm 

Let yourself feel the positive potential of this moment, tend your inner garden, and remember the power of your daily actions.

Daily Acts is shifting our programs and designing opportunities for you to Be the Change.

Watch this short video for a teaser of the inspiration to come!

“We often forget that we are nature. Nature is not something separate from us. So when we say that we have lost our connection to nature, we’ve lost our connection to ourselves.”
–Andy Goldsworthy


"Never doubt that a small group of committed citizens can change the world;
indeed, it is the only thing that ever has."
–Margaret Mead


This three-part course is designed to explore mindfulness awareness and how it can be integrated into everyday life, even during times of crisis. Guided meditation and presented themes are intended to help participants establish a regular meditation practice. 

15 July, 2020 
05:30pm – 06:30pm
22 July, 2020 
05:30pm – 06:30pm
29 July, 2020 
05:30pm – 06:30pm


$15 – $75

This course is offered on a sliding scale. Options will be presented during the registration process. Mindspace is committed to providing equitable access to our programs; if you are interested in joining and the cost associated is an obstacle, please contact us so that we may accommodate your situation.

Video: Why The Universe Has Your Back - Now More Than Ever (Especially During Coronavirus)! Matt Kahn

You are here for a reason – and you have chosen to incarnate at this time. Matt Kahn, the best-selling author of books such as Whatever Arises, Love that, and Everything is Here to Serve You, helps us understand why the Universe Always Has a Plan, especially during pandemics and major life events. Most importantly, you’ll learn why you chose to be here now, what it means, and why this is really a special and important time for you and for the evolution of humanity. You truly are a beacon of bright and shiny light, even if it doesn’t look this way, but you’ll certainly feel more like it after this inspiring and uplifting interview!!! We are never alone, and in this fascinating interview you’ll feel more loved, supported, and understand why things are happening, truly for our highest good. You’ll understand how you’re being taken care of, the big-picture plan that’s at play, and what to do when fear and anxiety try to take you by their grip.

Life looks radically different these days as the country hunkers down in an attempt to contain the spread of the coronavirus. As companies issue work-from-home directives, schools announce closures, and restrictions are placed on dining in at restaurants and bars, it’s clear that social distancing is in full effect. And even though staying inside is the best thing we can do, being stuck at home is taking a toll on many people—not just mentally, but also physically and financially.

In response to the outbreak, many companies around the world have offered their services for free to help folks get through these uncertain times—this is especially helpful for those in the industries that have recently had to force layoffs and shutter their doors. Whether you’re looking to work off your nervous energy with some exercise, read your way through a library’s worth of books, or schedule an appointment with a mental health professional, these free services can help you keep your composure and your cash.


In 541 AD, rats from Africa came on ships to Constantinople controlled by Emperor Justinian.  The rats were sick with a plague. The city dwellers did not pay much attention at first to what they called the Plague of Justinian until it ravaged the city and moved on to others. Actually it raged on until […]
When we talk about the inside of ourselves, what is it that we mean? Are we talking about our bones, our tissue, our blood, our organs, and our systems? Well, those of us bound by the purely physical may only view our insides that way. But for me, I am fascinated with so much more. […]
COVID has given us much fear and suffering. It has also given us much space and time. And with space and time comes connection. And with connection comes action. Black Lives Matter sprang up bolder and bigger and more fierce than ever before during this tragic springtime, because people had time to witness a terrible murder and […]



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