Nature follows a blueprint. We know if we receive a cut on our hand, with time, the cut will scab over and grow new skin. Our bodies are so magnificently designed; they have the ability to heal themselves, if given the proper energetic environment and nutrients. Our human lives have this same innate ability. However minute or monumental our life catastrophes, they are actually opportunities disguised as trials and tribulations with the end result transitioning us into personal growth and transformation, provided we are willing.

We each possess a skill set of tastes, flavors, likes and dislikes, passions and deficits. Contained within these qualities there is a transition point where they intersect, and this becomes the most fertile breeding ground of our lives. We also have the ability for introspection and perception – the ability to look back on our life and perceive how our experiences played a role in our becoming who we are in the present. These experiences are not random; they are mapped out like a blueprint of who we fundamentally are.

Deeper exploration begs us to define “transition,” which originated from Late Middle English (in the sense ‘grammatical transitivity’); from Latin transitio(n), from transpire or ‘go across’. It is the processor a period of changing from one state or condition to another. It is a momentary modulation from one key to another in music and it is an alteration of a physical system from one state, or condition to another in physics. In atomic and particle physics, transitions are often described as being allowed or forbidden.

Have you ever heard the expression: Do what you love and the money will follow? Assuming this is true, success begins from within. Our interests, skills, and passions; our trauma and our grievances; our triggers and our dreams are not random. Look at the “in between” spaces – the places where they intersect – and this is where we will find our “calling”. This “calling” might be described as our innate ability to “be” who we authentically are – who we came here to be. By allowing and not forcing or competing to be who we are, we quite simply only need to respond to the calling, or start showing up, and as we allow the transitioning process to take place, before we know it, we have transformed into a newer or higher version of ourselves.

This amazing time we are all living in is more than ever before allowing us to “be who we are.” So who are we, really? The phrase “Know thyself”, having origins in Ancient Egyptian culture, is a motto inscribed on the frontispiece of the Temple of Apollo at Delphi. This assertion, imperative in form, indicates that man must stand and live according to his nature. Man must look at himself/herself/their selves in order to have truth and understanding. This has been an ongoing philosophical quest for eras, and conversely, André Gide wrote in Autumn Leaves (1950): “A caterpillar who seeks to know himself would never become a butterfly.” This statement implies knowing oneself may have limitations in never allowing for the metamorphous process.

However, in the “in between” space, we reclaim how “to be” and contrasting this state of being to our current global condition, we now, more than ever, have the time and space to slow down and explore and be more introspective in our nature. The structures that used to hold us in a space of never havin enough time to do things and traveling through time faster than the speed of light, metaphorically speaking, are being dismantled. Children are being homeschooled, employees are working remotely from their homes, people are getting back to basics, working out, sewing, cooking, spending more time with immediate families, to name but a few examples. Communities are meeting on Zoom instead of in person, allowing for broader geographic demographics for participation and growth. These transitions generate a space for us to stretch into new ways of being and doing.

A new path is being forged, a self-regulated reprogramming of our conscious mind, our thoughts, to shift. This is where transition takes place first. If you want to change your life, shift your thoughts.Taking a further step down this path, we can self-reprogram our subconscious mind by simply asking ourselves “what am I thinking right now?” What are my stories and unconscious self-limiting beliefs and how are they sabotaging me from becoming the best I can be? By shifting these beliefs and thoughts into a higher vibrational frequency state of love, joy, peace and gratitude, we can actually transform our vibrational frequency and the frequency of anyone who comes into our energy field into an elevated state of “being.”

What would be the outcome if everyone practiced mindfulness? What would happen if even a percentage of the global population practiced this way of being? Sacred geometry and quantum physics are distinct but closely related fields that help us to better understand our world. Sacred geometry shows us that shapes and proportions are not only pleasing to the eye (though this is certainly important in itself!) but rooted in the very fabric of nature. Quantum physics has revealed that the universe is far more mysterious and less solid than materialistic scientists of the 19th and 20th centuries believed. By studying and appreciating these two realms we gain deeper insight into the universe and ourselves. Quantum entanglement and sacred geometry teach us we are all a part of the energetic field and when one of us transitions or transforms and raises vibrational frequency, we all benefit, because we are all in this together.

Donna Fenyes

Donna Fenyes has trained in complementary and alternative healthcare for the past 23 years. She is devoted to facilitating her clients in self-empowerment to achieve a healthier, more aligned and balanced experience in all aspects of their lives. She offers customized consultations specific to the needs of her clients for their highest well-being. She employs various techniques to align and balance the soul, heart, mind and body and educate her clients in practices and techniques for self-care and healing.

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  1. Mary Ann maggiore

    This is wisdom well written and convincing. Many of us longed for change for such a long time. Now we are in a placed slowed down and serious that has given us a chance to consider everything from our worries to our joys and take them under deep consideration. Thank you for this piece.

    1. Donna Fenyes

      Mary Ann, Thanks for your insight. This slow down has afforded us the opportunity to take everything into deep consideration. I invite you to try this exercise to see how far you have come. All you need is 3 sheets of paper and pen.
      Step 1 – Recall words for each of the emotions, thoughts, behaviors and beliefs you have felt intensely over the past six months (repetitive thoughts and patterns) and draw a cloud or a box or a heart or a human body on a piece of paper and write those words down inside your drawing.
      These words represent all the energies you have been alchemizing or processing for the past six months.
      Step 2 – Recall words for each of the NEW emotions, thoughts, behaviors and beliefs and NEW ways of seeing things you have discovered and felt over the past six months and draw a cloud or a box or a heart or a human body on a piece of paper and write those words down inside your drawing.
      These words represent all the NEW energies you have been assimilating for the past six months.
      Step 3 – Place both pieces of paper side by side and compare them. On a third piece of paper, write the title “2020 Vision” and record what you see in your reality now about your external and internal world and you will see a plan in action!

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