Our thoughts and prayers go out to the families who have lost loved ones.  They can’t be at the bedside, or have a funeral service.  Thousands of people have died from this virus, millions will catch it and fight for their lives, and billions of people worldwide are locked down.  Many others are bravely risking their lives working in hospitals and other essential jobs, bringing needed supplies to those in lockdown so that we can survive this dangerous pandemic.  

The coronavirus has shut down every society and economy worldwide. 
Mother Nature has decided to put everyone globally in a long TIMEOUT!
Each child is in a Timeout, can’t go to playgrounds or have birthday parties.
All students are Suspended from school, can’t hang with friends, go to movies. 
Many adults are Laid Off their jobs and forced to stay home even on weekends. 
Airplanes are Grounded, bars, live music and theaters are Shut, maybe months. 

Sports are all Banned, stadiums Empty, players Sitting at home, gyms Closed.
Aircraft carriers are Evacuated, while the UN is pushing for a Truce in all wars.
Non-violent low risk prisoners have finally received a Get out of Jail Free card.
People are forced to stay home 24/7, for weeks, maybe an hour a day outside.
The penalty for leaving home to work or walk is the risk of sickness and Death!

The Black Death Plague killed a third of Europeans, but led to microscopes and the Scientific Revolution, and to the Renaissance, a Rebirth of Civilization.  

For centuries, our global civilization was like a caterpillar voraciously eating to transform in its cocoon, to emerge as a beautiful and harmless butterfly.

We will come out of lockdown soon, as Wuhan already has.  Now is the time to transform ourselves and our civilization to survive this century!

Robert Raven

Robert Raven grew up on three continents, but he's lived in the SF Bay Area for forty years. He is a retired high school teacher, with a BA in Government and a MA in History. He has been an advocate all of his adult life on various national and local issues.

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