Radiating Out

In my previous blog Inside Ourselves, I talk about how our thoughts and feelings can affect our bodies and the world around us. And how through meditation, we can learn to tune out the outside world to quiet any negative momentum and reconnect into the positive, energetic flow of universal guidance. Also, in my most recent blog, Transitions From Fear, I talked about how changing the “normal” perspective of fear could be used as a tool to benefit us, instead of as a chain keeping us stuck. The power is…

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Transition from Fear

As we finish the first quarter of 2022, it is so encouraging seeing the transition back to the norms we have become so accustomed to in our lifetime: gyms, restaurants, theaters, and parks reopening to full capacity and hours; children going back to camps and school five days a week for at least seven hours per day; and beautiful, MASKLESS faces! God, I missed seeing smiles! For some people, a smile might have been the only warm gesture they would receive in a day. So, it would seem as though…

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Inside Ourselves

When we talk about the inside of ourselves, what is it that we mean? Are we talking about our bones, our tissue, our blood, our organs, and our systems? Well, those of us bound by the purely physical may only view our insides that way. But for me, I am fascinated with so much more. Yes, because I am a personal trainer, the physical parts listed above fascinate me, but I am more fascinated with the parts within us that cannot be seen and may never be understood. The parts…

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