Albert Einstein’s famous equation that energy equals mass times the speed of light squared explains everything from stars to subatomic particles.  A century ago no one knew about String Theory, that everything is made of vibrating strings of energy. Everything is energy, thus Everything is mc2.  On the spiritual level, E could also represent the Creator of Everything.

Mass for us is the number of activists that it will take to create a sustainable civilization.

The speed of light is the fastest possible, from photons hitting our eyes, to the Internet. Yet the equation requires the speed of light to be squared, which is the quantum shift that in movies is called hyper space or warp speed.  We must work on multiple levels to make a quantum shift in energy to a sustainable civilization that can survive this millennium.

Robert Raven

Robert Raven grew up on three continents, but he's lived in the SF Bay Area for forty years. He has a BA in Government and a MA in History, and has been an advocate all of his adult life on various national and local issues.

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