No Diablo

Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant is scheduled to close their reactors in 2024-25.  They are closing because reactor 1 was commissioned in 1968 and reactor 2 in 1970, so they are both very old. They were built in a quake and tsunami zone, with the Central Valley and Southern California downwind, and should close today. They tried to build a nuclear plant at Bodega Head on the San Andreas Fault upwind from the Bay Area! Nuclear power plants cool themselves by either transferring their heat to air towers, or they use water like…

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A Tale of Gaia the Great

The Greeks had a place and a story for everything in the world. Gaia, the Goddess of Earth, was in charge of all. She created her husband, Uranus, the God of the Sky. She also, clever woman that she was – and is – created Pontus, the Sea. In early times, in all cultures, Gaia in one name or another—is in charge.  There were, of course, many invasions of the system she commanded. Men learned early to throw bombs of fire and bring hills and mountains to their knees. We…

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We live on a wonderful planet that has air and water, plants and animals big and microscopic. Mother Earth, or Gaia, has been worshipped for millennia in many forms with different names. The fertility goddess, she represents life giving birth, growing crops, and the bounty of nature. Gaia supports life with a thin layer of soil and atmosphere between solid rock and outer space. Gaia breathes in and out each day and season in various ways. Plants and animals both breathe what the other exhales. Life is connected by our…

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The Sun

The Sun has been honored or worshiped on the Solstice since Stonehenge, up to today.  Ancient mythical stories tried to explain our Sun’s creation.  Scientists calculate that the Sun is at least four billion years old, while the Universe is over thirteen billion years old.  We don’t know what created the Big Bang, but that energy is still with us in the trillions of stars in 100 billion galaxies, and also in the cosmic background energy that has been detected on Earth. Most of us feel that we are more…

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Outside in Nature

The pandemic has forced most of us to stay home in one lockdown after another. Exceptions were made for essential work, or buying groceries, or going for a short walk with or without a dog.   My daily walk on a fire road to open space feels like freedom from the prison of my apartment.  Breathing fresh air, basking in sunshine and exercising my body helps me physically, spiritually and even emotionally with happiness inducing endorphins, views and hawks.  Many of us have discovered the priceless value of getting out into…

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Women and Children First

In the struggles for clean water and clean air, all too often women and young people are on the front lines of the battle for change. Why? Because they are also on the front lines of the fallen. This is a story of how women and young people across the country are struggling, and may very well succeed, in their battles for their, and our, safety. Their growing activism is against such toxic chemical giants – Chevron and DuPont and, in some cases, even against their own city governments.  Yearly,…

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An All Electric Future

New homes need to be all electric, and we need to quickly retrofit older homes and also commercial buildings to be all electric.  The PR term “natural gas” is mostly methane, which is a powerful greenhouse gas.  Methane mostly comes from drilling and fracking, and it leaks from wells and pipelines, and in our homes.  Methane is blanketing and heating up our world, threatening ecosystems, wildlife, our food supply, and our children’s future.  Requiring all electric and solar power will add to the price, but the long-term cost of not…

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We Can Do This!

Once upon a time, several years ago, I was Mayor of the Town of Fairfax in Marin County. Fairfax is a population of 7000 souls with a stable compendium of old and young, progressives and conservatives But all are actively doing something that matters to them. Some are devoted to their 30-year jobs; some are devising new kinds of work.  All the people in Fairfax, whether young or old, are involved in something that matters to them. Volunteering at the church thrift shop, or shelving books at the library or…

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Act of Contrition

Kneel at the feet of the searing,  Withered and flattened World, O my Country! Take your Penance  And Swallow it. Ask the Kurds  And the Yemenis And Nigerians and All those others with  Brown hair and dark eyes Ask the Mothers and Fathers  Across the World, Ask ALL of THEM to Forgive you. Forgive you for the horrors  You have Shoveled upon THEM Like huge, burning COALS And the ruin you have made of  Their Children’s Futures. Then, only then, Crying and rending  Your Clothes--- Take all you have taken…

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Plant Trees!

Many people are out of work, so now we need a new Civilian Conservation Corps.  CA lost millions of trees, risking runoff this winter into our salmon streams.  We should hire thousands of tree planters, plus volunteers doing community service.  It's safer working outside, with distance and masks.  Lots of organizations, businesses, tourism and students could help them plant millions of trees, and do other conservation work, across the state.

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