Take the Stress Off: Make Working at Home Good for Your Back

Back pain is something that most people have experienced at some point in their lives, no matter their age. Working at home is a great opportunity to pay more attention to spinal health, implementing good practices for a healthy back. One of the chief areas to work on is stress reduction, both physical and emotional. With that in mind, explore the following pointers, brought to you by Everything is mc2.

Stress Takes a Toll

When you get stressed, your muscles tense up, which can lead to pain in various parts of the body, especially the upper and lower back. This is particularly true of job-related stress causing chronic muscle tension, as the American Psychological Association explains. Reducing stress, such as by employing relaxation techniques, has been found helpful in relieving pain.

In addition, chronic pain can also lead to feeling more stressed, therefore creating a situation where pain continues to stay anchored in your body. It becomes a vicious cycle that, once entered into, is difficult to get out of. Paying attention to pain’s psychological components is one of the important steps to getting back to and maintaining a healthy spine.

Declutter Your House

It’s hard to work effectively at home if your house is filled with clutter. Looking around at things that need to be done adds to your stress. A domestic to-do list sits in your subconscious and keeps you from being focused on work, thus adding to your stress level. When you spend the time to make your living space neat and organized, Redfin suggests that you allow your mind to reflect that organization and clarity with positive energy.

Declutter Your Mind

You can actively work at decluttering your mind as well. A daily meditation habit is a great way to keep stress at bay and helps you to focus on what you want to accomplish, especially when you try it first thing in the morning. Although meditation has been around for thousands of years, it is now being touted by modern medicine as well.

Create a Healing Workspace

Your work area should promote a healthy and productive mindset. Proper ergonomics, such as positioning your monitor at eye level and using a chair with appropriate back support, can help improve your posture and your attitude alike. If you like plants, they are a great way to add vibrant and healing energy; choose ones that are particularly good at giving off oxygen.

Keep Thoughts Positive

There’s a reason that there are so many posters with motivational messages. Bookmark places you can go online for inspiration that offer you tips on staying positive. Daily inspirational messages and quotes are great ways to start your day off with the right attitude to help you keep stress from affecting you and your back.

Release Your Muscle Tension

We know that muscle tension can increase with stress. As you work on the stress itself, it’s also smart to have a physical practice that helps you get rid of the tension. Yoga is a particularly good way to do this, as it has a meditative aspect to it but also helps you stretch your muscles and keeps your spine lubricated and flexible.

Get Help for Your Spine

While the above habits are helpful for relieving stress and keeping your spine in good shape, getting regular maintenance is also important. Chiropractic adjustments not only help to keep your spine healthy and pain-free but are also useful for overall health.

Ultimately, the choice of how to structure your work-at-home experience is up to you. While it’s easy to let go of yourself completely, especially if you don’t have to appear on camera, it’s also a fabulous chance to arrange your space and your day for optimum health, from your mind to your spine.

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