The Bright Side

On YouTube™ there is currently running an adorable toddler complaining to his father that his mother left for work without kissing him good-bye. This one-minute piece is both touching and funny at the same time. And close to million people have watched it. It is worth taking a look. The reason this sampling of warm heartedness is worth a look is because this tender, humorous example might very well make your day. And that’s really important.  The Center for Disease Control has been studying what has happened to us since…

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Take the Stress Off: Make Working at Home Good for Your Back

Back pain is something that most people have experienced at some point in their lives, no matter their age. Working at home is a great opportunity to pay more attention to spinal health, implementing good practices for a healthy back. One of the chief areas to work on is stress reduction, both physical and emotional. With that in mind, explore the following pointers, brought to you by Everything is mc2. Stress Takes a Toll When you get stressed, your muscles tense up, which can lead to pain in various parts…

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