An All Electric Future

New homes need to be all electric, and we need to quickly retrofit older homes and also commercial buildings to be all electric.  The PR term “natural gas” is mostly methane, which is a powerful greenhouse gas.  Methane mostly comes from drilling and fracking, and it leaks from wells and pipelines, and in our homes.  Methane is blanketing and heating up our world, threatening ecosystems, wildlife, our food supply, and our children’s future. 

Requiring all electric and solar power will add to the price, but the long-term cost of not doing so will be much higher.  Retrofitting homes and businesses later will be very expensive.  We can build a solar and wind power industry that will hire thousands of workers.  Our future depends on our society abandoning fossil fuels and rapidly adopting renewable electric power. 

The fear of power cut offs could be eliminated by requiring new homes to have enough electric panels and batteries to power the house.  New developments should be energy neutral.  Every county should become energy neutral as quickly as possible so that we no longer depend on hazardous long-distance power lines, dangerous nuclear power, or dead-end methane gas. 

Robert Raven

Robert Raven grew up on three continents, but he's lived in the SF Bay Area for forty years. He is a retired high school teacher, with a BA in Government and a MA in History. He has been an advocate all of his adult life on various national and local issues.

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