Our current civilization, born in the cities of the Industrial Revolution in Europe, has now spread worldwide, gobbling up Earth’s natural resources.  It is not sustainable.

The biggest threat to our civilization and to our species is a nuclear world war. 

Even a regional war in the Persian Gulf or Taiwan would hurt every country.  

Civil wars are shattering Iraq and Syria, where the first civilizations arose long ago.

One reason for today’s conflicts around the globe is the legacy of colonial borders drawn by European imperialists over a century ago to rule their vast empires.  

Climate change is a looming threat to our food, our societies and our safety.  

Global warming is the result of factories and a civilization still powered by coal and oil.

These are grave dangers to sustaining our children and their children.  Solutions are thwarted with political donations by industrialists who profit from war and pollution.

America’s democracy and the governments of most other nations are controlled by the richest few, those who can afford to bribe corrupt politicians and pull the strings.

Politics, nationalism, racism, sexism and religion divide Us against the Others. 

Many religions claim that they are the only authorized interpreter of God’s Will.  

Religion has long been used to dehumanize the Other and to kill in the name of “God.”

Most religions agree that there is One God, Creator, Great Spirit, Cosmic Energy.

Spiritual people agree that we are more than flesh and blood, we have souls, life force.

Even within religions there are many branches, sects, beliefs and interpretations. 

Up close, they look like separate faiths.  For God, they may look like a beautiful quilt. 

Let Us Create a Sustainable Civilization, World Peace, and an Inclusive Spirituality!