Pt. Reyes

I am very disappointed with the horrible decision to continue the status quo at Point Reyes.  The ranch leases were supposed to expire decades ago, but now they are being extended, despite the degraded land, polluted creeks and seashore, and trash dumps on public land.

Instead of protecting our environment and wildlife, a duty that NPS is entrusted with, the decision will keep damaging the environment at Pt. Reyes, and keep killing the rare elk.

The vast majority of the people who commented demanded that the leases be ended.  But this decision goes against the Will of the People, and benefits only a handful of ranchers. 

Now the issue is not just the elk at Pt. Reyes, but the corruption of our political system.

Robert Raven

Robert Raven grew up on three continents, but he's lived in the SF Bay Area for forty years. He is a retired high school teacher, with a BA in Government and a MA in History. He has been an advocate all of his adult life on various national and local issues.

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