True Democracy

I’ve long had a replica of the Declaration of Independence, but it recently broke in two.  Our democracy is likewise broken. The former president and his supporters refuse to accept their loss in a free and fair election, and violently tried to overthrow the results. America’s democracy has evolved from a few wealthy and white Founding Fathers to include all adult citizens today. Our nation’s demographics are changing with minorities gaining political power. Sadly, the GOP is trying to turn the clock back a century. Voter suppression disenfranchises people of…

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Reversing the Tide of History – It Can be Done

War brings terrible destruction. But it also brings invention. The first World War brought about the submarine as an effective machine of war. And thus began a new possibility of learning of the ocean. The subs were not to sink commercial vessels. But as time went on, the agreement was breached. German submarines sank over 2 million tons of food stuffs on Allied ships in 1917 alone. The war in the trenches killed 9.7 million soldiers and 10 million civilians. Terrible inventions, terrible deaths. Was killing on land and sea,…

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A Legacy of Racism

America’s long legacy of racism, discrimination, brutality, and lynching against African Americans has finally been exposed to the light.  George Floyd’s killing by the police, along with the many other recent killings, brought outraged Americans into the streets to protest. In 2020, the idea that Black Lives Matter was raised up, and confederate flags and statues came down.  Millionaire athletes took a knee, and coaches and league presidents spoke against racism.  Sports teams changed their names— from Washington DC to high schools across the country.  Even NASCAR raced away from…

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