Radiating Out

In my previous blog Inside Ourselves, I talk about how our thoughts and feelings can affect our bodies and the world around us. And how through meditation, we can learn to tune out the outside world to quiet any negative momentum and reconnect into the positive, energetic flow of universal guidance.

Also, in my most recent blog, Transitions From Fear, I talked about how changing the “normal” perspective of fear could be used as a tool to benefit us, instead of as a chain keeping us stuck. The power is within us to see things differently, and I believe this time of isolation was a calling to wake up to this power. To wake up to new perspectives that can serve us, humanity, and the earth better. 

As we wake up, we can see with greater clarity. And in that clarity, I see such beauty. There is so much to love and appreciate when one looks closely, especially at nature. I love nature, and I believe it is Mother Gaia’s beautiful gift to us. Her gift to remind us of the love she holds for us, which we can find everywhere and in everything. Her beauty grounds me, brings me back to my roots, and literally supports every step I take. I could not be more appreciative of her.

Yet, should I direct my focus elsewhere, I also know there is more to see: the things that I do not love. Things that are not so pleasant happening today on Earth, and to Earth. I know of these things only because they found me, as I never seek-out the news of the world seeing as ninety percent of it always seems sensationalized and negative, or worse, not true at all. And being that there really isn’t much I can do to help many of these situations, especially those occurring across the world, (other than sending money or healing energy, which I do) I don’t see the value in giving it attention to the point that it negatively starts to affect me. For what good am I if I only add to the negative energy of the planet?

Everything is energy. Yes, even us. And what some people may not realize is that we have quite a large energy body that surrounds us. Our own personal energy field that affects all it comes into contact with. Some people with heightened psychic or quantum senses, can actually see this energy. I have been able to, fairly regularly, around trees and plants, and a few times around people of very high energy. And by “high energy,” I don’t mean they have ADHD, are hyperactive, or are bouncing off the walls. I mean their vibration is very high on the emotional scale.

There are different versions of the emotional scale available online, but in general the scale runs from the lowest level of feelings vibrationally such as fear, to those emotions at the highest level of vibration such as those produced in the feeling state of love. When you can see this energy, it appears as a light or glowing color around the object or person. This field has been known for thousands of years as it can be seen in old paintings of spiritual beings such as Jesus, saints, and angels that were commonly depicted with a glowing orb around their heads. We usually refer to this light today as a halo or an aura.

How high-up someone is on the emotional scale will determine how expansive and influential the field around the person is. Going back to Inside Ourselves, we already know that our thoughts and feelings make an impact on our physical being and the world around us, and in Transitions from Fear, we learned how fear can keep us stuck and sick. So let’s now explore how others’ energies and our own choices and willpower affect the larger picture.

In Inside Ourselves, I used the example of a pebble dropping into water and creating ripples, where the pebbles represented our thoughts, and the ripples, the momentum of energy they produced. For this analogy, I will use rocks instead of pebbles, the rocks representing us humans already immersed in the water – the water being our world, same as last time. The energetic field of the ripples will now be defined as the ocean’s current.

As rocks, we sit on the bottom of the ocean waiting for something to happen. As we sit, we take in all that is around us, contemplate stuff, and try to make sense of it all. We socialize, we roll around a bit, we look for our place to be. Our home. Our comfort zone. Ideally, we would like that zone to include others whom we care to socialize with, who are like-minded, and share the same views, opinions, and values as we do. That doesn’t always happen.

As small communities form, they emit a collective vibration that represents the overall emotions of the community. Those rocks that don’t resonate with that vibration, can choose to roll on and find a community that feels more in-line with their emotional state. Currents traveling past and through the communities emanate out different emotions that will call to some rocks, wake curiosity in other rocks, and just downright scare the rest. As is with life, the currents are unpredictable. Sometimes the ride carries them up to emotions of love and joy, and sometimes it crashes them down to anger and sadness. And sometimes it plunges them down to the dark unknowns of worry and fear. These are the ups and downs of life.

Communities that emit lower-level vibrations, stay as dark and heavy rocks. Yet, strong, low currents seem to slowly move them into deeper waters where the bottom of the ocean is less sand and more muck. There is low light there, and the waters are dark around them. They have very little visibility. Not being able to see outside of their community brings fear of the unknown. They stay in place and take comfort in each other but can only talk of what they see with their limited vision. They worry about the darkness. They complain about the muck. They fear the foreign things invading their space. When they run out of external factors to fear, worry, and complain about, they turn on each other… talking of how that rock is too big, that one is too dark, and how dare that rock block their view! And as their emotions stay in the low end of the emotional scale, they sink deeper and deeper into the muck.

The biggest and loudest rocks seem to command the most space around them. They do this by rolling their weight around, which then creates mounds of muck on which they sit. As they look down upon the other rocks, they act superior, claiming that sitting up higher gives them more knowledge of the surrounding community, when in reality, there so-called-vantage-point offers nothing more of value. But, nonetheless, they take a position of authority and dictate rules about where everyone else should be, how they should think, what they should fear, and what direction they should roll. When these controlling rocks start to sink too deep, they roll over the smaller, quieter rocks of the community to lift themselves up higher out of the muck. This puts fear in the other rocks and in that fear, they lose their voice. Otherwise, they might confront the powers that be. But instead, they are kept feeling helpless. And the biggest and loudest rocks maintain control which is what is of most importance to them.

There are some rocks, however, who despite all odds, can overcome their fears and roll like gambling dice right into the fast-moving current that seems to emanate a feeling that is foreign to them, but seems higher and lighter. They have no idea where they are being taken, but the feeling of lightness that overwhelms them in the rapidly lifting current supersedes any feelings of fear. They feel butterflies of excitement with this new adventure! They stop all attempts to resist or steer and just go with the flow. They see beams of light shining through the water, and the light calls to them. They rub against other rocks who are equally enjoying the current, and at times, chose to settle with them for rest. They settle where the current has taken them, which always seems to be in the shallower waters. In the clear, sunny water, they can see themselves reflected back at one other and notice that each is smaller and shinier now. The tumbling and rubbing against each other through the fast current has worn down some of their outer layers. They notice the ease in which they can roll now that they are smaller and lighter. This also makes it that much easier to catch the next current and be able to travel farther and see more unknown, unexplored places.

Sometimes the current pushes them so swiftly straight up, that they actually enter a whole new realm, where water doesn’t even exist. They hurl through this waterless dimension unable to comprehend what they are experiencing as it is all so completely foreign. After plummeting back into the ocean, they are left struggling to remember – to try to explain to any who will listen – what they are not even able to understand, yet somehow innately know was a profound experience that has forever changed them. They felt a connection to that strange place. A deep feeling of love and belonging. And every future current they ride, they pray takes them back there.

On rare occasions, the current takes them down… down to the communities stuck in the muck. They are met with the lower emotions of fear, resentment, hate, criticism, and worry, just to name a few… for no other reason than being a bit different. They look smaller, they are outsiders, and they think and act differently. It takes a lot for them not to get pulled down by the heavy weight of these lower vibrations, but they know they will be alright because they trust another current is coming soon to lift them back up, once again. In the meantime, when they feel their energy dropping, they look for things to appreciate and bring them joy to keep their energy high. They roll around in the muck with the energy of kids playing, laughing at the squishy sounds and the ticklish feeling of muck between their cracks. They find lovely views of rocks in all directions. They see beautiful rocks of all sizes, colors, and compositions and treat each with kindness and respect. Sometimes that respect is returned and sometimes not, and that is ok with them. Their actions are not done to get a favorable reaction. Staying true to themselves is what is of most importance to them. The darkness doesn’t frighten them. Instead, they find appreciation in the still, quiet, mystery it provides. They can see, find, and create magic here – anywhere.

The smaller rocks sitting lightest in the muck, find themselves drawn to these different rocks. These different rocks seem to have a glow about them that somehow allows them to be seen in the darkness more easily. The smaller rocks join in rolling in the muck. And as they laugh and experience a new emotion of joy, something starts to change in them. They feel lighter. It feels impossible to sink into the muck. It feels as if they are floating. The darkness suddenly brightens around them. Other smaller rocks are called to the increasing light as they feel a new emotion of hope growing inside. They can all see further as the dark is not so dark anymore, and their community does not feel as fearful. They feel inspired.

The rocks in control also notice the lightness. And instead of taking advantage of the increased clarity of view, they feel scared and threatened by the light. They demand the smaller rocks “stop this glowing, and get back in the comfort of the muck.” These smaller rocks aren’t fearful of the controlling rocks anymore and voice their thoughts to them out loud: “You can glow too, you know…? If you can open yourself up to trying something different… If you can shed some of your rough, protective exterior to open up to new thoughts… Open your mind to the possibility that not everything dark or unknown is fearful… If you can find a little faith and have a little trust… You can glow too.

Instead of focusing on what was said, the controlling rocks can only focus on the fact that they are losing control and losing the numbers in their community to control. More and more rocks leave with the currents, and the controlling rocks do all they can to exert fear in the rocks that remain in an attempt to keep them stuck in the muck of fear. This starts to once again grow fear in the community, making it ever more difficult for any rock wanting to change to keep their focus. The other rocks, even ones considered family or friends, seem to even be trying to convince them to stay. They would remind them how scary the dark and unknown is, and argue in favor of limitations saying… You can’t rise out of that muck! Look at how big and heavy you are! You are just stuck in there too deep. Your parents were here, and their parents before them. This is how it has always been and will always be. You will never get out of here…

When the next current comes, the small glowing rocks that were able to keep focus despite all that tried to persuade them otherwise, disappear into the current, taking their light with them. The rocks left behind are confused by new feelings. They find themselves missing the light and try to push these strange, new feelings away. They try to go back to the comfortable familiarity of negativity, but for a moment they find themselves thinking bigger, asking… What if…? What if there is more out there for me? What if there is nothing to fear out there? What would I find? Who would I meet? Where would I go? What would I do? And what things could I be capable of?…

Within the rocks that seriously started pondering these questions, they felt an energy rising in them. With every question asked, parts of their dark, rough exteriors would break off and a momentum would gather deep within and start to raise the rocks out of the muck. Their new crystal exterior would start glowing too, calling more rocks to their light. As more and more rocks were inspired, the overall vibration of the community rose. Even some of the controlling rocks were compelled to roll off their high hills, dig out and free those they had once dominated and suppressed, and embrace the possibilities and hope of this new light. The vibrant, increasing light of this new community greatly diminished any lingering fears. Any controlling rocks that chose to remain living in fear rolled off to even deeper waters. The tides shifted and rolled out, and suddenly the community found itself in shallow waters, seeing clearly and basking in sunshine. In the illumination, they could clearly see each other’s unique beauty, and inner crystalline composition. It wasn’t long till the-way-things-used-to-be became a distant memory, and in hindsight, it was hard to even understand how anyone lived the way they once did.

And that is how the energy of others can affect you. It can help you rise above, or sink you down. And although there may be a lot working against you, you still have free choice to decide which way you go.

When we venture out into the outside world, our energy field literally overlaps and entangles with others’ fields. Where we currently reside on the emotional scale, will determine who is drawn to our field and who is repelled, and who we are drawn to, and who we feel the need to distance from.

Sometimes, before we learn how to manage and sustain a higher energy and manifest our reality, we entangle with others in an attempt to gain energy from them, as seen in the controlling rocks. This has been the all-too-common way of attaining energy throughout history. Just look at every dictatorship, war, or political agenda! Always one side trying to exert power to suppress others’ will or change others’ beliefs to match that of their own. Has anyone ever been successful in this…? No force on the planet can change the will or belief of someone if they don’t want it to. Our beliefs and our will belong solely to us, and although we can surrender them, they can never be taken from us – ever.

I always think of this as I drive through town and see signs in front yards broadcasting personal views. The most recent one I saw was in support of anti-vaccination. I couldn’t help but chuckle. Has anyone ever changed their viewpoint based on reading a sign in someone’s yard? Seriously?! I feel like these signs do more harm than good as they just seem to further divide, polarize, and continue to deepen the separation that plagues us today.

Perhaps if you deeply admire and respect the person, this could perhaps influence you. But I believe that if they are a person truly worthy of respect, they will have a sign in support of a person running for office or in support of a cause… not against something. And that should always be accomplishable. For there is always a way to spin a negative to a positive, as demonstrated in the story of the rocks. For example, instead of being “anti-vaccines,” you could advocate for “free choice in health care,” yes?

Everything that seems dualistic in nature, when you look more closely at it and understand the bigger picture, you can see is really one. What differs is the vibration. In general, anti-something is a lower vibration, and pro-something is a higher vibration, but the something is the same. And more importantly, the intent behind the “something” determines the energy radiating out. If your intent is to scare people into seeing your view, and because fear is low on the vibrational scale, then this is a low vibration you are emitting. If your goal on this Earth is to make a positive difference on this planet, then be mindful of the vibration you emit.

And always do your own research and make decisions that resonate with who you are. And if you don’t know who you are, take some time to figure that out. Learn to question everything and everyone. Even your parents and friends. Never buy in to all you are told, especially via the media. And allow others the space to do that too as it really is a waste of time trying to make someone hear you who cannot because they are just not willing to. Let your vibration instead do the talking. Some people are just big hard rocks without a crack. They cannot be pried open. They can only open from the inside out, and that takes connecting to something bigger than themselves and finding the willpower to be vulnerable and the courage to allow change.

Instead of trying to change others, stand strong in your own beliefs. And if the foundation of those beliefs is built on genuine love and compassion with an intent for the betterment of all, that positive energy vibrating at a high level radiates out from you and calls up others to join you. The vibrations you emote can and do change others by affecting their energetic field, reaching even those currently in the muck.

You don’t need to stake signs in your yard. You don’t have to bully, force, or shove your beliefs down other’s throats. You don’t have to waste your breath and energy trying to convince others that your way is “right.” I believe there is room for more than one “right.” In fact, arguing for only “one right” creates more resistance in the opposing party, and that resistance will then be thrown right back at you. This back-and-forth competition for energy will grow resistance more and more with each round. Instead of moving towards each other, the movement is further and further apart. Each side just digging in more deeply trying to vindicate and secure their rightness.

This is how our current political system functions and how it always has. This is also why it is being called to change. No more are we willing to accept how things are because that is the way they always were. We are not willing to stay in the darkness. We are being called by the Light Workers of the planet to rise. And those who do not rise with the new energy of the planet, will be forgotten in the darkness, lost with the times of an old energy. For the old energy holds differing beliefs as the underlying problem, when the new energy knows the real problem is differing vibrations.

There is a new collective vibration rising. A new energy of oneness, of connectedness. We are in a time of awakening and ascension. Combined, the two processes lead to enlightenment. To reach enlightenment, we must accept change and growth instead of letting it produce fear. In Transitions From Fear, I encourage people to embrace fear as a powerful tool to learn from, and there is much to learn. If you are interested in this journey toward enlightenment, take time to learn about energy. Stay diligent in your pursuit to maintain higher level vibrations. Radiate those vibrations out with the intention of the highest and greatest good for all. Take time to quiet the mind and connect to things and dimensions that are beyond current comprehension. In the silence, is where the callings can be heard.

The energy of the planet is changing, and the energy field radiating out from it, calls to us. Mother Gaia, herself, is calling us to rise higher. To radiate our light brightly and follow it towards enlightenment.

The process of enlightenment is individual. We will not all awaken nor ascend together at the same time. Some are just starting to experience the symptoms of ascension, while others have been awakened for years and are further along in the stages of enlightenment. And then there are those who will never awaken in this lifetime. Everyone walks their own unique path here on Earth.

The daily intention I send out to the universe is that we each be allowed to proceed through life at our own pace and in our own time. I do not believe it is our job to save anyone or anything, including planet Earth, nor is it our job to enlighten anyone else but ourselves. In fact, I believe this is our only job and our highest responsibility while here on this planet in this lifetime: That is, to build our personal energy field and raise our vibration so high that we become the Light Worker that we are meant to be. Creating a light that shines so brightly from us, it radiates pure love and an abundance of healing energy. Enough energy to heal the planet. Enough energy to heal us, and the people who need it. And enough energy to be the beacon that calls to others. Not to have them steal, adopt, or even share our light, but to allow illumination of their own unique path to their own enlightenment.

Namaste (the light in me, sees the light in you…)

Kelly Renda

Kelly Renda has over 20 years experience in the fitness industry as a trainer and Pilates instructor, but has gravitated recently towards energy healing. Her clients have experienced significant breakthroughs with the Anchoring technique she intuitively was called to develop, blending in Angelic Reiki, of which she is Level 2 certified. Her first book, Allowing Wellness, is currently in revisions, but she is hopeful to release soon in 2022. Kelly resides in beautiful Napa Valley and can be reached via text at 707-363-9517.

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