The Center Cannot Hold

While visiting a family in Canada a few years ago, I was charmed by the nightly news, which included a rather long segment of a cow blocking a road. I laughed in the first 30 seconds as everyone in the room did. But after 5 minutes expanded into 10 minutes of reporting, I had to leave the room. “So boring,” I thought. “And so unnecessary. Canadian TV thinks of this as news?” Yet, I also noticed in the newspapers, long sections of bios of those who had fought and died…

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In Praise of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Eternal Spirit in the World We have lost a great leader In the death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg Glorified, as she should be, In classrooms In the dormitories of millions Of growing women Beloved by a nation of every gender and race That was trembling with fears That the Law might deny them  Their Sacred Rights She gave us an emblem, a banner, a voice We needed and could not find Until her. Justice Ginsburg offered  Her intelligence and self-respect, Her gentle but firm wisdom To a nation that had…

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Roses are Still Red

There is much to worry us in this time. But if we look upon the anger, the tumult, the struggles to live and more than that, the struggles to be free- we see a different color in this now dark world. We see fiery red. And red means love in our culture. It also means bravery.  For many years, we have talked much about conflicts outside our nation.  But now the conflicts are not outside our borders, but within them. We have violence against black people and people of other…

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From Car-Love to Car-Friendship

Living a 1930’s lifestyle is quite a lesson. As soon as the pandemic hit, we all knew we were in for a taste of thrifty 1930’s style Depression life. To prepare for a life of thrift, almost 20 years ago, our family took the urging of Adbusters magazine’s incredible “Buy Nothing Day” campaign. Spending a day spending no money taught my kids and me a lot and to this day, we use it. But with the economic collapse of these last months, I am herein instituting for myself and urging…

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Being Plagued

In 541 AD, rats from Africa came on ships to Constantinople controlled by Emperor Justinian.  The rats were sick with a plague. The city dwellers did not pay much attention at first to what they called the Plague of Justinian until it ravaged the city and moved on to others. Actually it raged on until 750 AD and killed a total of 25 million people. Death does not give up easily. The Black Death began on ships returning from the Far East to Venice in 1347. Italians recognized the sickliness…

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When COVID is Over, Don’t Stay in Place!

COVID has given us much fear and suffering. It has also given us much space and time. And with space and time comes connection. And with connection comes action. Black Lives Matter sprang up bolder and bigger and more fierce than ever before during this tragic springtime, because people had time to witness a terrible murder and really protest this foul act in huge numbers. The COVID pandemic enabled black and white people to forget about their jobs or even their loss of their jobs and take to the streets in droves. Did it help us…

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